Italian and Paardeberg Country wines

Italian experience has been made easy at Ayama, with a wide selection of imported Italian wines, from famous and high quality producers, long time friends of Michela & Attilio.

Ayama Italian selection promises to satisfy your interest and curiosity.

Choose your Italian wine here.

If you are interested in Italian style wines and liquors made in South Africa, than you have to give a try to some of the fantastic wines from Giorgio Dalla Cia and Idiom.

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Paardeberg is a unique area, delivering fantastic quality grapes from every farm. Ayama is offering a selection from all producers of our area, at their cellar price. If you can’t come to visit, you can have a taste of the different styles Paardeberg Country’s producers are offering, just with a click.

Paardeberg Country wines, buy them here.

Gifting at Ayama

Gifting has been made easy at Ayama, with a wide selection of wines, goodies and different packaging, tailored to suite any occasion.

Made available in September 2018, our gifting promises to relieve your anxiety of the perfect gift, by carefully selecting items matched to your specifications.

Have no idea what to get as a gift? Allow us to lend a hand. Choose from our various gifting packages consisting of wonderful packages, wines, goodies and so much more!
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