Carignan 2017, 750ml


“A once-scorned Mediterranean grape is being reborn as a fine wine, with class. A new and exciting experience for anyone looking to broaden their drinking horizons 

Carignan is a name borrowed from French, but, depending upon your country of origin, you may know it as Bovale di Spagna, Cariñena, Carinyena, Mazuelo, Samsó and Carignano (del Sulcis) in Italy. The variety is most probably Spanish in origin with its still-undetermined crossing having happened somewhere in the lower part of Aragón in Spain’s northeast, and possibly near the town of Cariñena, resulting in it taking the name. While thousands of hectares exist, it’s the bush-trained old vines that are proving most exciting, as they give miserly yields of 1kg (even 300g) per vine of intensely flavoured grapes. Carignan is a tedious grape to grow, given its large, tight clusters and extremely long maturation cycle, therefore very prone to powdery mildew and bunch rot. It also needs poor, rocky soils and low rainfall to curb yields and increase its flavour concentration. As for Vermentino, our Perdeberg slopes looked ideal home to this grape. Carignan, the Red Pathway.

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