AYAMA Olio Frantoio 2020 500 ml


UNFILTERED! FRESH! 2020 Harvest.

Frantoio olive, typically coming from central Italy, gives an intense green color olive oil with golden reflections. AYAMA FRANTOIO EVO can be used to season, flavour and enhance many dishes. Has a low acidity, hints of apple, almond, artichoke, light bitter and spicy nuances, overall, the taste is very delicate and harmonious.



Producer comment:
Just like a fine wine, varietals, climate and region determine the taste and aroma of olive oil. Ayama, which means “someone to lean on”, is crafted to reflect the soul of South Africa, with its rich heritage, colourful people and magnificent wildlife. This extra virgin olive oil is the result of carefully selecting and blending our italian cultivars. 9 hectares of olive trees were planted in 2007: Mission, Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina. The blend enhances flavour, aroma, colour and consistency, while the precious health substances are kept intact.
Serving suggestion:
Splash onto salads, drizzle over grilled vegetables or use for dipping crusty bread. But remember, every food with a touch of olive oil is something special and healthier.
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≤ 0,3% when bottled
≤ 10 meq/kg when bottled
Important information:
Olive oil is a naturally cholesterol free food.
Olive oil is sensitive to air, light, temperature and humidity. Store in a cool dark cupboard. Clouding may occur at low temperatures. Do not refrigerate.

Content: 500 ml – cases by 6  bottles