AYAMA is aiming to be your Italian-South African unique experience spot in the beautiful Perdeberg Country.

We will offer monthly events and festivals, combining the “Proudly South African” and “Made in Italy” wine and foods in unique tastings and festivals. All thought and made to delight your minds, body and heart.

Live these experiences in absolute no guilt on putting yourself on the scale the day after, because as Sophia Loren says: “Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti!”

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Would you like to experience harvest by Ayama?

Harvest is the most exciting time of the year for any grower, viticulturist, and winemaker. It is the time when all worries and hopes, dreams and experiences, studies or intuitions can be measured in quality and quantity. A final exam which carries new hopes for what is happening next to your grapes. Something amazing we would like to share with the passionate world of Wine lovers.

There is no doubt that 2020 changed our lives in a tremendous way but for Ayama team, this was an opportunity to rethink the way we share our respect for Nature and our passions.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of many fans that followed and cheered the 2020 harvest videos and pictures, we came to the idea of inviting our fans to 2021 harvest, cutting grapes, filling the crates, moving them to bins and see them going to the cellar. Being fully aware that especially this year it will be not an easy task, driven by Mandela in saying that nothing is impossible till is done, join us and let’s DO IT!

Read the rules and book you free participation here!

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NDVOLU CHOIR @ AYAMA POSTPONE TBC (Beginning of March 2021)

Experience the Ndlovu Youth Choir at AYAMA!!
Ayama Wines proudly present the Ndlovu Youth Choir to our stage of the Paardeberg Mountain.
Coming from humble backgrounds, the Ndlovu Youth Choir has imprinted itself in the lives of its chorists as a voice of hope and platform of expression and liberation for what life has to offer.
The choir is an illustration that your circumstances does not define your final destination in life. Rising above their circumstances, this talented choir claimed their name to fame as being one of the finalists in Americas Got Talent in 2019.
First established in 2009 in Moutse Vally Limpopo, by the Ndlovu Childs Care Community Programme, the project was aimed at providing a better life for disadvantaged kids.
Ralf Schmitt, Choir Master, said that after recognizing a need in the community of lack of access to job markets and education, he realized that he could help these youths by raising an income based off of pure talent and drive.
The event was planned for the 18th of December 2020, due to Covid19 raising spread, we postponed to a date to be confirmed asap and most probably around beginning of March 2021. Watch this space for more info.

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An authentic experience is offered for Private Functions and Weddings at AYAMA. We customize your event and wedding (max 50 people) working with you on all your requirements. Send us an email to info@slentfarms.com or phone our office 021 869 8313 for setting up an appointment and make of your event an unforgettable day.


AYAMAFANATICS is not a real wine club, it is more a FAN club. Throughout the years, we have added many friends from all over the world to our connections. It is really so great receiving emails from them asking for updates, greeting us, announcing a trip to South Africa, or simply just asking for a shop from where to buy our wines from. Social media works very well to keep everyone updated, but we felt that the best way was emailing our worldwide friends about anything which might interest them to read when they have time, or save the note on their calendars or records.

AYAMAFANATICS is a free membership to a fan/fun wine club, giving all our friends the updates, discounts, invitations, news on all activities, products, goodies, events happenings in and out of the AYAMA world.

A special card will be given before Christmas to all subscribers – connected to other “worlds” and allowing collection of points, bonuses and discounts with different traders. Our fans will love what we are busy planning for them!

Many exciting surprises in store. It is free, it is fun, and it is a new way of being a fan!

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